What Are You Hungry For?

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I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” -John 6:35

I have a bad habit of working through lunch. It’s not healthy, so I keep snacks in my office. There is always chocolate, of course, but normally I also have almonds to snack on. When I am busy and distracted and have deadlines to complete tasks and also attend to the schedules of picking up children from school, that lunch hour gets swallowed up in work. Which leaves me hungry at work quite often. (As I am presently writing this at 12:20 and have yet to eat lunch…)

The question I am pondering is what are we hungry for? Is it a physical hunger that drives us? Is it an emotional hunger or spiritual hunger which is longing to be satisfied? When Jesus fed the 5,000 people in John’s gospel they came the next day looking for more bread. Jesus responds with this statement, that “I am the bread of life.” They thought they were just hungering to feed their stomachs and what he had to offer, was much more satisfying… himself. But they were not interested in hearing what he could give them until he met that first physical need of bread.

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday. As we join at the communion table, we will celebrate the sacrament with brothers and sisters all over the world. We will be fed physically with bread and juice. We will be fed spiritually by God’s presence as we remember the gift of love and sacrifice Christ made for us. On this particular Sunday. we also receive a special offering to replenish the Deacon’s Fund. This fund is used every week to give grocery cards and gas vouchers to those in need. We feed those who are physically hungry in a desire to not only meet a physical need, but a spiritual one as well. Please join us in worship and prayerfully give to the Deacon’s Fund.

Thank you, God, for feeding us. Help us always to remember that everything we have is a gift from you. As we care for our community through our Deacon’s Fund, may people come to find you and not only have a physical need met. Give us faith to trust you will continue to provide for all our needs. Amen.

In Christ,

Hanna P. Shearer

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