MINISTRY: Executive Assistant


PURPOSE OF MINISTRY:  The church office is the focal point for church activities and operations. It serves as the Kennewick First Presbyterian Church front door and sets the tone for church ministry. This ministry provides for executive assistant support to the Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor, as well as the administrative oversight of the church and its operation. 


RESPONSIBLE TO: The Executive Assistant is responsible to the Senior Pastor and the Personnel Team. 


MINISTRY DESCRIPTION:  The Executive Assistant has duties and responsibilities in key areas: 


Pastoral Support

  • Provide administrative and secretarial support to the Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor.
  • Compose and/or send out special correspondence as directed by the Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor.
  • Assist with the monthly Session Docket under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.
  • Provide secretarial assistance for the new Elder & Deacon Training on an annual basis and other special classes throughout the year.

General Operations

  • Responsible for general church office operations and public relations.
  • Oversee essential office functions including: 
    1. Weekly bulletin and publication thereof.
    2. Create and publish the online weekly newsletter.
    3. Utilization, maintenance and supervision of office machines and equipment.
    4. Maintenance of the church master calendar, including the scheduling of all facility use by groups within and outside the church. 
    5. Provide annual contracts for Renters (including MusikGarten, Noah’s Ark Preschool, Opportunity Kitchen). Collect Proof of Liability Insurance each renewal year. 
    6. Maintenance of the church database programs that generate general member directories and parish lists. Maintain current addresses, phone numbers and email addresses as provided by members and visitors of our church. 
    7. Oversee tidiness of front entrance, office area, and Information Table in the Narthex, organize materials, and update. 
    8. Liaison between church and outside janitorial service, vendors and Facility Team.
    9. Record issue and return of church keys. Train key holders on alarm and security. 
    10. Postal mail pickup and distribution of mail.
    11. After checks are cut by the Financial Clerk and approved by the Treasurer, monitor unsigned Disbursement Requests and mail signed checks.  
    12. Provide administrative support to the Board of Deacons for parish reporting and In-Needs Program funded by Deacons Ministry. 
    13. Oversee office supplies and order as needed.
    14. Collect Reports from Session Teams to assemble the Annual Report in January.
    15. Create, copy, and distribute church Membership Directories as needed.
    16. Attend weekly Staff Meetings.
    17. Participate in the safety of the church, report damage to Facility Elders and ensure security issues are observed.
    18. Oversee central mailboxes, changing each year as Session & Deacons change. 
    19. Reception of visitors and In-Needs applicants.
    20. Answer phones, transfer calls, and take messages as necessary.


  • Strong knowledge of word processing/worksheets utilizing Microsoft and Google suites. 
  • MailChimp software for weekly newsletters.
  • Church Windows for membership database. 
  • My Church Events for facility calendar.

Files & Records

  • Assist Clerk of Session with maintenance of the permanent church records, database information, and correspondence, as required and necessary for legal and historical purposes. Work with the clerk providing information for year-end reporting.
  • Receipt and record Memorial Contributions in worksheet to provide to families and compose a thank you letter to contributors. Copy receipts for Financial Secretary. 
  • Receipt and process all miscellaneous monies delivered or mailed to the church office.  

Skills and Abilities 

  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to work effectively in a demanding office environment with deadlines and definite schedule commitments. 
  • Ability to be a self-starter and to use independent judgement.
  • Good communication skills, oral and written, for office interaction working with the public, congregation, and co-workers. 
  • Skills in secretarial services, filing, routine correspondence, telephone techniques, and general secretarial management and operation. 
  • Ability to assist and train volunteers in the use of various computer programs, machines and equipment that are available in the church office and essential to church operations. 

Core Competencies:
In view of the unique and special nature of this position, in addition to the skills and abilities enumerated above, the Executive Assistant must at all times: 

  • Exercise utmost discretion and confidentiality in sensitive matters
  • Develop and maintain a supportive and trusting relationship with the Pastors
  • Exhibits the ability to effectively lead others
  • Demonstrates the skills of active listening and openly accepts constructive criticism
  • Productively engages and resolves interpersonal conflict
  • Holds others accountable in a spirit of love
  • Engages all people positively and with a demeanor of optimism and abundance

Time Commitment:
This is a full-time exempt salaried ministry position requiring 32 hours per week on average.

Salary is determined by the Session. Benefits are delineated in the Kennewick First Presbyterian Church Personnel Policies. 

The Senior Pastor in coordination with the Personnel Team, will conduct a performance appraisal annually, usually in September, to review expectations, the compensation, and the performance of the Executive Assistant in order to provide feedback to Session. 

If you are interested in the position please contact either Mark Benecke, Personnel Team Chair (, or Pastor Hanna (

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