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“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send?
And who will go for us?”  And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8

Being the messenger of good news is an amazing privilege.  When we became pregnant with Paul, I was so excited to share the good news with friends, family and my church.  I was also a little anxious because just 9 months before, we experienced a failed pregnancy and I miscarried at 12 weeks.  Some people were really happy for Jamey and me.  Some people were anxious for us.  A few people even warned us not to tell others because it would be too hard to tell them if we miscarried again.  My feeling was that we needed the love and support of all the people in our lives whether it turned out as a successful pregnancy and healthy baby, or another painful loss.

We cannot control how people receive news.

Angels in the Bible are called “messengers”.  The word in Greek is “evangelion”.  “Evangelism” also comes from this root word.  When we share the good news of Jesus Christ we are messengers, “evangelions”.  God has entrusted us with the most important message of all.  Will we go where God is sending us?  Perhaps God is sending you to share the love of Christ with a neighbor in need?  Perhaps God is sending you to feed someone who is hungry?  Perhaps God is sending you to help a refugee learn English?  The prophet Isaiah experienced God’s presence and was willing to be God’s messenger.  The news was not always well received, but Isaiah always knew that God was with him wherever he was sent and whatever the message he was entrusted to share.

God knows you.  God loves you.  God hears you.  God forgives you.  God comforts you.  God chooses you.  God sends you.  You are treasured.

Life looms ahead of us, huge and uncertain; In the confusion we must listen for the voice of God. Who can hear the voice of God calling? Here I am, send me!
The expectations of our friends feel so overwhelming; Luring us to make choices for our own comfort. Who can focus on the call to serve God? Here I am, send me!

Hunger, greed, hopelessness prevail in our world; Making it difficult to believe that God still dances. Who can speak good news in the face of evil? Here I am, send me!
Our voice seems so small against the misery we hear; Wars and famines and abuse seem to dominate. Who can be heard above the crying? Here I am, send me!
The world is waiting to hear the promise of God;  A life of justice, peace and love for all of God’s children.  Who will choose this life with God? Here I am, send me!

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