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“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.  There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.” – I Cor. 12:4-5

Today is the first day of school for my family.  Vivi is doing online school from home and Paul is attending the afternoon class at the church Noah’s Ark Preschool.  Last night, my children decided we needed an impromptu birthday party!  My birthday is next Monday, but they thought we should celebrate on the last night of summer (or they may have just been trying to delay bedtime on the first “school night” of the year…)  So we made cupcakes and they acquired gifts for me at 7:45pm.  Vivi’s gift was a book which she wrote about Wonder Woman being a mom who got mad at her kids a lot.  Paul gave me a little stuffed animal wrapped in such an enormous piece of Christmas wrapping paper, the toy fell out!

They were so excited to give me a gift – even one they just put together in a few minutes, that I didn’t mind being a few minutes late to bedtime.  It reminds me how God feels when giving gifts to us, his children.  God takes time to cultivate the Spiritual Gifts we are given and doesn’t want us to just leave them on the shelf to collect dust.  God wants us to USE our gifts to God’s glory!  The gifts are given not for the honor of the individual, but for building up the Body of Christ.  Spiritual Gifts are to bring honor and glory to God and to further the Kingdom of God on earth.  They aren’t about you or about me… they are about God.  So don’t be shy about your spiritual gifts.  Use them!  Don’t wish you had a different gift, celebrate the work God does through you.  Have a party and celebrate your gift, given especially from God, just for you.

If you are curious about your own spiritual gifting, please take this short survey and share with me your results.  God is doing amazing things and ALL the gifts of the Spirit are needed.  Together, we can find a place to use your gift to bring God the glory!

God, your Holy Spirit is called wind and we sure felt the power of the wind yesterday.  Help us to feel the power of your Spirit rushing through our lives and our community.  Rather than bringing fires and downed trees, Lord, light our hearts aflame and give us passion for you.  Protect those who are vulnerable and working so faithfully to fight the fires, floods and hurricanes in our nation.  Bring peace and justice to our communities.  Help us to connect with one another in meaningful and ways to bring hope and peace to your people.  Amen.

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