Engaging volunteer opportunities

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10

We are in need of volunteers to support various positions throughout our church programs.  With over 40 opportunities to serve, if you have the desired experience or would like to get experience, connect with the appropriate contact.  Some of these positions occur on a schedule and some are event driven or as needed.  Help!!!

1.     Sunday morning booth support.
There are three positions which are in need of volunteers. If you desire you could volunteer for one, two or all three positions. Once trained, volunteers will be scheduled to support specific worship services based upon which ones you would volunteer. All volunteers will be supervised by our KFPC Technical Staff person, Frankie.
a.     Presentation specialist. This position is responsible for the display of the words for music, prayer, etc. on the screen. EasyWorship is the tool used to display. Once trained the specialist may have to modify the presentations before service for any corrections. This position is also responsible to play any videos and audios during the service.
b.     Audio/Sound specialist. This position manages the sound board. Microphones and equipment are turned off and on as well as volume control is managed. Once the person has mastered these items, then (if they desire) they can get trained in more technical features of the sound board.
c.      Streaming specialist. This position manages the video inputs and presents for recording and streaming the required input at specific times. Several software applications are used by this specialist.
Contact Dave Burrill at 521-0535 or daveburrill@msn.com if you desire to volunteer for one or more of these positions.
2.     Technology infrastructure support.
Technology is always changing and it is difficult for our staff technician and volunteers to stay on top of it all. If you have any experience in any of the following we welcome you to volunteer to help us. If you desire to gain experience in any of the following we could still use your support.  Tasks will be assigned based upon your skills and desires.
a.     Systems technician
               i.     Server (Microsoft Server and MS SQL Server)
      ii.     Network (both LAN and internet)
      iii.     Application software (Church Windows, MS Office, Easy Worship)
      iv.     Web (WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, —–)
       v.     Research and analysis on all above
b.     Booth technician. Any skill in the sound or video technology.
Contact Dave Burrill at 521-0535 or daveburrill@msn.com or Linc Swenson at 845-0901 or mr.lincoln1@gmail.com if you desire to volunteer for one or more of these positions.
3.     Web application support.
We are in the communications age right now that changes daily. Our church is involved with our own website, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, Constant Contract in addition to email and phone. These positions would not only support the Communications Elder but would support all of staff in accomplishing there communications needs. We need help in all applications:
a.     Media specialist. This position would coordinate those activities of all other specialist in updating the various communication platforms. This position would ensure presentations are consistent throughout all platforms.
b.     Design specialist. This position would assist in the design of graphics and presentation material for all communications platforms.
c.      Integration specialist. This position would be responsible for obtaining and editing the material to be presented via the various communication platforms.
d.     Video specialist. This position would use both video and photography in capturing images required to support the various communications platforms. It assumed the position may need to edit the images as well.
Should any specialist desire tools on KFPC computers that are not currently available, those tools would be acquired if within the budget.
Contact Dave Burrill at 521-0535 or daveburrill@msn.com if you desire to volunteer for one or more of these positions.
4.     Congregational care support.
Several congregants can’t leave their homes and need to continued care, prayer and fellowship of our congregation. The shut in visitation team is being organized to meet that need. Some of our members need informational support about health care. A health care fair is being organized for September 22 to meet that need. Various volunteer positions are needed to support our congregational care programs.
a. Visitation team leader. A volunteer in needed to lead the shut in visitation team. This leader would coordinate with those that need or would like visitations to those of the team that visit our shut ins.
b. Visitation team members. Volunteers are needed that can make visitations to our shuts in for continued care, prayer and fellowship
c. Health Fair Host. A volunteer in needed to host and coordinate the activities to put on a health fair.. This leader would coordinate with health care service for presenters and information and coordinate with team members willing to help with the Health Fair.
d. Health Fair team member. Several members are needed to help with all of the activities to put on a health fair. The Fair Host would assign work based upon the volunteers skills and desires and would coordinate all support activities.
Contact Kris Kennedy at (509) 380-4291 if you desire to volunteer for one or more of these positions.
5.     Office support
With one part time office staff (Debbie) there is a need for several volunteers to help with the office at peak work times and/or Debbie’s non availability. Sometimes thing are to busy for Debbie to complete items. She needs a call list of volunteers that be made available to do a variety of duties when needed. Except for the bulletin support volunteers, all of the others volunteer positions will be called as needed.
a. Receptionist. A volunteer to answer the phone and to receive quests at the front door.
b. Clerical support. A volunteer familiar with word that can type information into reports
c. Newsletter support. A volunteer that can enter information into our weekly newsletter using Constant Contact.
d. Copier. A volunteer that use the copier for bulk processing
e. Grief correspondence. A volunteer to type grief letters as needed
f. Bulletin support. Volunteers to fold bulletins of Thursdays
g. Office support. Misc. office help as needed especially with upcoming holidays and days I have a doctor appointment, etc. An on-call office person.
Contact Debbie at 582-9537 or debra.bilodeau@kfpc.org if you desire to volunteer for one or more of these positions. Please let her know at what days of the week and hours you may be available to support her.
6. Children’s Ministry
Sunday school will soon start and we are in need of volunteers for Sunday School small group leaders (teachers). The more the better the rotation. We also need support for the Kids in Action Wednesday night program
a. Pre-K and Kindergarten
b. 1st/2nd Grade
c. Kids In Action helper
Contact Heidi at 582-9537 or heidi.fisk@kfpc.org if you desire to volunteer for one or more of these positions.
7. Worship Music
Music is an integral part to our worship services. Several opportunities exist in our music programs.
a. Agape Ringers
Our handbell choir practices on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm in the bell room. We ring once a month approximately ten times during the calendar year. If you are interested in joining this exciting family.
Contact Kitty Baird at 783-0242 or kittybaird@charter.net if you desire to volunteer.
b. Chancel Choir
Our Chancel Choir rehearses every Wednesday evening from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the main sanctuary’s choir loft. The choir does not sing during the three summer months. We would encourage new people – adults as well as senior highs to join in this wonderful ministry.
Contact Kitty Baird at 783-0242 or kittybaird@charter.net if you desire to volunteer..
c. Praise SongTeam
The Praise Song Team leads the music for the first (Contemporary) service. We can use anyone who desires to sing and/or play instruments for praise music. We have a specific need for a drummer.
Contact Bryan Whitmore at 831-9026 or bwhitmore09@gmail.com if you desire to volunteer for one or more of these positions.
8. Trail Seekers
Music is an integral part to our worship services. Several opportunities exist in our music programs.
Contact Kathy Owen at 308-1390 or jkowne1@charter.net if you desire to volunteer for any of these positions.
a. Drivers. Drivers are assigned a group of children to pickup and bring to KFPC and then return them home for the following events.
i. Monday evening. About a 2 hour commitment each Monday when Trail Seekers meeting occurs (Oct-Apr) and during the time 4:30 – 5:30 PM.
ii. Wednesday evening. About a 3 hour commitment each Wenesday when our Wednesday night evening youth meeting occurs (Oct-Apr) and during the time 5:00 – 7:30 PM.
b. Group Leaders. These folks are responsible to meet for one hour with a small group of children during the Trailseeker Meetings. Responsibilities include a sharing/check-in time, supervision during large group activities and leading a group lesson. All teaching materials are provided.
c. Leadership Program Leaders. This is probably the most rewarding program of Trailseekers but the one that is the biggest commitment. We run leadership programs form September through May for middle school and high school Trailseekers. Leaders would meet with their group on a weekly basis at his/her convenience. The best model is to have a man and woman lead a group but his in not a requirement. The leader is making a commitment to mentor thee kiddos for their middle school/high school years. You become a “family”. Each leader has their own style but you are basically spiritually mentoring these kids as well as character building. You give them everything they need to know to become responsible, respectful young adults.
d. Coordinator. Volunteers to help with contacting families for special events; organizing special events, keeping up with current addresses and phone numbers, etc.
9. Homework Helpers kicks off this fall in the Westgate School library beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 16 from 7:30 a.m. to 8:10 am.
What do we do? We help the kids with their homework, of course—spelling words, math, reading, etc. But most of all, we are there to extend Jesus’ heart and hands to them–just to be there for them.
What do you need to help? No formal teaching experience is required–just a heart for helping these little kids. We hope you can commit to helping both Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but we are grateful for any time you can give us. (Some of our volunteers come just one day a week.)
A current 2018-2019 Kennewick Volunteer form (available at KSD.org) must be on file before you start (even if you filled out a form previously). Sign up today in the Narthex or contact Kathy Dechter at 627-0950 orktdechter@gmail.com.