As Christians, we believe that everything we have is given to us by God. Being a good Steward means taking care of what has been given to each of us – our valuable time and our skills and talents, and our money or treasure. Stewardship is about making choices, as individuals and as a church. It is more than giving money to the church, it is about being faithful followers of Jesus, and using all that God has given us to help others. Stewardship is not just one part of being a Christian; it involves every aspect of life in all the stages of our lives.

By being good stewards we show God that we are grateful and thankful for his grace and goodness. It makes us conside how our choices affect us and others, how we can be good caretakers of the created world, and how we can best serve God as followers of Jesus. Every Fall we hold a Stewardship drive where we pray and ask God to tell us what to give back to his church. We then fill-out a pledge card where we promise to give a certain amount to the church during the year. These pledges help with budget planning and prioritizing during the year.