People make a connection with God by making a connection with God’s people. Humans were created to relate to each other; to reach out and get to know other people. Outreach activites and programs give us the chance to meet people who don’t yet know Jesus, and to share his love with them. The Outreach Team is responsible for several different activities.

Homework Helpers

Backpack Carnival
Every August KFPC hosts a backpack carnival where we help local kids get the school supplies they need. Each child receives a new backpack, and then plays carnival games to “win” school supplies. Everyone has a great time, and the kids end the day eager to start the new school year.

Inquirer’s Class
Inquirer’s class is for people who are not yet a member of Kennewick First Pres and want to explore that opportunity. The eight-week class and small group discussions touch on the Presbyterian faith, church history, how we support each other, our current activities, and how to find out what each person’s spiritual gifts are.

KFPC supports both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. You can find more information on our Scouting activities here.