Mission Opportunities

At KFPC, our vision is to “daily become the heart and hands of Jesus Christ.”  Embracing this vision sends us out from the church walls into our community and the world.  We support long-term ministry overseas in places like Africa, Asia, and South America, as well as several local ministries in our own backyard.

Each spring, a Barnabas Mission Auction is held, with the proceeds going to support ministries such as:

Orcas Island Encampment [link]

  • For 25 years, mentors from KFPC have served at-risk young boys at this camp. This serves as the springboard for the Trailseeker program, which continues to care for these young boys year round.

Rainbow Glacier Camp

  • Members have traveled to this Alaskan camp for a few decades, providing the sweat equity needed to keep the camp open and continuing to reach young people.

Living Waters of the World Mission

  • KFPC has sent teams of church members to Central America to help install water purification systems, train the people how to use them, and show God’s love to them.

Short-term mission trips

  • Most recently in the summer of 2015, several of our youth traveled to Belize to serve there and share the Word of God.

Mission Auction funds are also used to help support KFPC members in going out to serve in other ministries or provide supplemental assistance to those that are already in the field.

Other local outreach opportunities are described on the Outreach page [link].  For more information on how to support Missions both near and far, or to explore opportunities to serve, please contact Mission@kfpc.org for more information.