Prayer Team

Are you called to be part of First Presbyterian’s Prayer Team? If the characteristics below fit you, please consider joining our prayer team.

Characteristics of someone who is called to intercessory prayer (praying for other people) may include:

  • Love to pray – praying for extended periods of time is a a joyful experience.
  • Content to work behind-the-scenes.
  • Desire to grow in praying and to learn more about prayer.
  • Expect God to hear prayers and to answer according to what he wants.
  • See answers to prayer daily, or at least regularly.
  • Receive insight and find scripture that informs their praying.
  • Keep the personal confidences of others they are praying for.
  • Believe it is important to pray regularly for pastors and all of God’s work in the world.
  • Other people seek him/her out to ask for prayer.
  • Enjoy intimacy with the Lord in their daily walk with Him.
  • Feel comfortable praying alone, with others, in different environments, at various times of the day.