Parish Nurses

What is a Parish Nurse?

A parish nurse is a registered nurse who has taken special training in how to link faith and health.  Parish Nurses do not do “hands on” care like a nurse in a doctor’s office, they help people deal with their health issues and concerns, and help people find resources for good health.

What does a Parish Nurse do?

  • Provides education and information on health options and services

  • Helps people understand good health and how to prevent illness and disease

  • Coordinates volunteers who can help if there is a health problem at Frist Pres or in the community

  • Helps people understand the connection between faith and health

  • Helps develop support groups (Caregivers group, Diabetes support group, etc.)

Who can get help from a Parish Nurse?


What if my concern is very personal and private?

Parish Nurses will keep your information confidential.

You can contact the Parish Nurses by phone:
Nancy Klotz RN (509) 627-0305
Bonnie Wilson RN (509) 585-2396