Orcas Island Encampment

God feels a deep love for His children. He has entrusted us to care for His children. It is our desire to bring children into God’s presence by putting them into the arms of God’s loving messengers and taking them into the magnificent miracle of nature. Imagine what it would be like to experience for the first time: a ferry boat ride, having a special person beside you to share your excitement when you see an Orca, a deer in the meadow at camp where you run and play, the sun warming you as you swim in a mountain lake or hike in the forest to a waterfall.

Each summer, 42 little boys in need participate in the Orcas Encampment Mission. They experience God’s amazing love and learn that they belong to Him.

First Presbyterian Church has been deeply committed to this mission for the past 26 years. Hearts have been touched, lives have been changed.

The Orcas Encampment is the beginning of the Trailseeker Program which ministers to the children who have attended the camp and their families. Over one thousand families have benefited from this mission. Ongoing support is given to these children and their families until the children reach adulthood.

For a video on 2017 Orcas Encampment: Orcas 2017

For more information about Orcas Encampment and our Trailseeker Program: Trailseekers

If you would like to be a volunteer in this mission, please contact Kathy Owen, 509-308-1390.