Why Join A Church?

This is one question that is asked a lot, and maybe you have asked this question yourself. Commitment is not an idea that many people spend time thinking about, yet commitment is very important to God.

The purpose for joining a church family is commitment. Among other things, you can see our commitment as we worship together, teach and learn from each other, and care for and help each other. Some people believe that being a Christian is enough, and that a person doesn’t really need to be a member of a church. It is true that a Christian must make Jesus Christ the first priority of their lives and ask Him to forgive their sins. However, God designed the Church to be the gathering place for followers of Jesus. The Church is a God-created group where Christians pray together, worship together, help one another, and most of all, grow in their knowledge and faith together.

If you are not a member of Kennewick First Pres and want to explore that opportunity, the Inquirers’ Class is the place to do it. The eight-week class with small group discussions will look at the Presbyterian faith, church history, how we help others support each other, our current activities, and how to find out what your spiritual gifts are. Please join us and become more active in God’s family at First Pres.