The Desert Chimes was a newsletter of Kennewick First Presbyterian Church that is sent out once per month.  It features articles by the pastors, articles by various ministries and upcoming events.  Starting February, 2017 the KFPC Newsletter was replaced by a bi-weekly electronic newsletter.  The latest newsletter follows:

2017Jul13 Newsletter

2017Jun22 Newsletter

2017Jun08 Newsletter

2017Jun01 Newsletter

2017May06 Newsletter

2017Apr27 Newsletter

2017Apr20 Newsletter

2017Mar07 Newsletter

2017Feb15 Newsletter

Below is a list of past Desert Chimes’ Newsletters:

January 2017-Chimes

December 2016-Chimes

November 2016-Chimes

October 2016-Chimes

Sept 2016-Chimes

July Aug 2016-Chimes